Puppy Nativity Stocking

Puppy Nativity Stocking


A lovely hessian stocking to refill every year for your puppy. Comes filled with Nativity themed toys and treats for their first Christmas celebration.

This stocking is stuffed with: A sheep toy, roll of poop bags, Small Antler, Ancol Microfibre towel, Puppy Collar and Lead set and a pack of training treats.

When the baby Jesus was born in a barn in Bethlehem some shepherds visited (with a sheep perhaps?), Other animals were standing around (a deer perhaps left an antler behind?) the baby would need wrapping in something soft (like a microfibre towel?) Poop bags would have been very useful to make the area more hygienic and if a puppy got into that barn I think you would find it very useful to put a collar and lead on that pup and teach appropriate gentle behaviour with the training treats!

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