2019 Litter Application form


Applications for the 2019 litter are now closed

Acquiring a Faithful Friends puppy is NEVER on a first come first served basis.

I want the best homes for my puppies. So it really makes no difference how long you have followed us or if you have just found us. I feel great responsibility to home the puppies well. The only reason I can let them go to their new homes and not hold on to them is because I know that they are going to be safe, well cared for, trained, happy and, above all, loved.

I receive about 30-40 applications for what has previously been just 4 or 5 puppies.

It is not easy sorting through the applications. But I eventually make a shortlist of about 10 applications. When I have done that I let everyone else know they were unsuccessful so that they can be released from hope in this litter. (The shortlist are also informed). 

I wish we could provide a puppy for every good potential owner and home that I hear from – But we just can’t. So please don’t get your hopes up too high. 

Seriously the worst part of breeding is not sending the puppies to their new homes. It is having to reject many great homes and let folk down because when all said and done there are only ever a handful of pups!!

I ask that anybody interested in buying one of our puppies fill out an application form. I need a way to help you think through this decision but also it gives me a little bit of info on you, your home and your family and helps me imagine the puppy living there. It does help me choose the right homes for the puppies.

Applications for the 2019 litter are now closed