About Lydia Faithfull


Lydia Faithfull Pro Dog Trainer


Lydia Faithfull is a certified PDT (Pro Dog Trainer). She has been trained through the fantastic, comprehensive Absolute Dogs PDT Course which was created by a vet behaviourist and the owner of one of the biggest dog training facilities in the UK (Devon Dogs).

We offer classes and one to one consultations to help owners discover solutions to their dog owning challenges. Our style of training helps dogs grow new natural concepts to rely on in every day life. Concepts are things such as calmness, optimism, confidence, focus... and more. The training methods are easy and rewarding for both dog and owner... and they don't take up a lot of time so EVERYONE can do it. 

It all started with breeding Cockapoos and preparing them very well for their new homes

Faithful Friends started out as a Cockapoo breeders. We are proud of how we raise our puppies with a lot of training and preparation for their new lives outside of our home. We have always offered ongoing support to the families who purchase our puppies.

It is exciting but can also be overwhelming to welcome a dog into your home and we want to support new owners as they settle in their new family addition.

We also want to encourage long term dog owners and help with their present dog training struggles… nipping unwanted behaviours in the bud and helping dogs make better choices to keep the happy vision of dog owning alive in family homes for real!

It is certainly true that most dog trainers get into it because of their own dog rearing challenges and Lydia is no different. The Faithfull fur family has encountered many challenges: From fearful Jazz (our old Cockapoo who displays dog to dog aggression on a walk due to his lack of confidence) …To Grace (our puppy mummy with female hormones - need I say more?) And Jolyne one of the puppies from our first litter sat right there in the middle with a good dose of pessimism and attention seeking behaviours in equal measure!! All of these issues are being dealt with through the concept training games and we are seeing real life results… But no matter how much better it gets - you should never consider a dog “finished” in training… the job is never done - training should be ongoing.

Just as humans are never done learning there is always something we can benefit from adding to our knowledge and experience… this is true for dogs too!

Lydia truly loves helping people find solutions and live their best life. Whether that be in the area of dog training or indeed life in general… As She also runs HOPE Church Malmesbury with her husband Mark.