Flirt Pole

My clients love this, and so do their dogs! There are many games I can show you to play with and TEACH your dog some awesome critical concepts that will help them through life. Build self control, and disengagement and value in your relationship. Who needs to chase a squirrel when my owner is more fun than a squirrel???!!


Dog beds

The dog beds I recommend here are because I breed cockapoos and in my experience they like a nest type bed (to be surrounded a bit). Dogs love sherpa or furry linings and cushions to cosy into. Each of these beds is washable which in my mind makes the only sense when it’s for a dog!

out and about

The harness I recommend has 2 clips on it, 1 at the front and 1 at the back for easier training to walk on lead. The lead is essential as it has 2 clips on it… it is a very versatile lead and can be used many ways but the reason I include it is because the 2 clips on the 2 clip harness is how I teach loose lead walking.

The RAC car harness is the style I use with my dogs. You fit the harness to the dog then simply slip the seatbelt through a loop on the back to secure them in the car.

There are various sizes and colours in these out and about products.



Snufflemats and lickimats are a great way to deliver food in a calming way. Dogs find the act of sniffing or licking incredibly calming. To have a calm dog it helps to use these tools for some of their food delivery. Use the snuffle mat with dry food scattered into it to snuffle out and the lickimat with wet food spread over it so they need to lick at it (you can even spread the wet food and freeze it for a hot summer day icy treat for your dog).