Top wet weather tips for caring for a cockapoo in winter


Hello everyone

What a lovely summer we had in the UK ... And we’ve enjoyed a very mild Autumn too! But the weather is starting to turn colder and wetter and with that come some new Cockapoo care challenges. 


If your Cockapoo gets wet it can take nearly all day for him to dry out.

Some dogs are ok with a hairdryer... many are not!

Matts in your dog’s coat are a real problem at this time of year because wet hair that is not combed through can cause little knots to form from the natural curl of the fur.


Cockapoo Puppy fur is relatively easy to look after as it is soft and silky and therefore a brush will glide through easily this is why its so important to get a Cockapoo used to grooming routines early - when it is easier. But after the age of about 8 months the Cockapoo grows in his or her adult coat. Which can much more easily matt.

People think that Cockapoos do not moult but they do – they just don’t shed it everywhere like some dogs do. The puppy fur moults under the adult fur and if it is not brushed out it can form matts or dreadlocks within the coat. 

An adult Cockapoo can grow fur as long as 15cm so that can take a lot of brushing and management. Many people think they want to keep their Cockapoos hair long for the winter “to keep him warm” but that is not necessary. The Cockapoo fur will not keep your dog dry in the rain; it will, in fact, absorb the water becoming waterlogged and as I already said it can take a whole day to dry out – this means your dog is actually wet and therefore colder for longer. Added to that is sloppy mud splashed all over the dogs legs, tail and tummy which need washing off as soon as you return from a walk or will dry and need brushing out later. When the snow comes it can form little hard icicle snowballs all over their legs and these cannot be pulled off – they need melting gently off and the longer the fur the bigger these snow balls are!

So if you want my advice... Trim your dog shorter for winter. Especially keep their leg fur and tummy fur shorter as it will save a lot of trouble in the daily care of your pup. Its interesting but there is a lot to learn about dog coats... however if you like the “long” look on a cockapoo I suggest you do it in spring and summer – the longer coat in summer doesn’t make them hotter – their coats are useful for sun screening their delicate skin and it can actually keep them cooler – a bit like permanent shade for their skin and organs – I know this is turning your world of understanding upside down!! – But you might just have to believe me on this :-)


Many people might split opinion on this... you might think: “its an animal its designed to live and work outside so it doesn’t need a coat.” BUT if your dog doesn’t actually live outside then that is not how it is acclimatised. Your pups fur adapts to the seasons and environment – your lovely centrally heated home has developed a dog fur that is not so prepared for the outside elements. 

My advice is whether your Cockapoo has a short haircut or long hair you should get them a good fitting water resistant coat and put it on them for walks in the rain and cold days. The easiest way to think about it is – if you need a coat because of the weather then so does your pup! A dog coat is not a silly fashion statement - Their internal organs need to be kept warm – it is a safety choice to keep them warm and protected.


Training Game to play inside (and avoid the weather!!)

Walking a dog is important – don’t get me wrong - it gives them exercise and adventure... however some days the weather is so bad that the walk needs to be short... or non-existent. (Some dogs will agree – my cocker spaniel mummy Grace looks at me like I’m mad and doesn’t want to go out in terrible weather!!)

DON’T Panic – use some training games to replace the walk. 10 minutes playing training games exercise the dog’s mind and can wear them out as much as a 30 minute walk!

So here’s another game idea for you.

Save all your cardboard boxes and create a mountain of cardboard – boxes at various angles and piled on top of each other. Into this creation sprinkle their food (use half their daily allowance). Or sprinkle treats. Then let your dog investigate the cardboard and find all the food. Your dogs mind is working hard as their nose has to find the food and as they become less scared of treading on moving surfaces as some of the cardboard gives under their weight. They might need to flip a box or stick their head into a smaller box to get the food and this is all actually very challenging and exciting for the dog. A great replacement activity for a missed walk or shorter walk day!

Cute Cockapoos for your home this Christmas

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Lydia Faithfull