Tips for Autumn


In the UK Cockapoos come from two different strains of Cocker Spaniel - In my experience the working cocker parent produces a puppy that needs more exercise and stimulation. I breed from a show cocker. They seem more laid back.

Whatever their parentage, when it comes to cockapoos they will have as much exercise as you offer them. They tend to adapt well to your lifestyle, whatever that is. For example: 
Two 20-30 minute walks per day for an adult cockapoo from a show cocker is fine. However if you want to spend a whole day walking through mountains, your cockapoo would have no problem keeping up!

Cockapoos are clever dogs and if they don’t have a lot of physical exercise it’s good to keep their mind working - Play games with them to work their brain and nose... hiding treats etc. Just 10 minutes of mind games is equal to 30 minutes walking in how it can wear them out!! – This is a great tip for when it is pouring with rain or your time is limited or you feel unwell. Don’t be afraid to gather some ideas for home brain training games and work out your dog differently when you need to.

A fun tip for you as you play with and work out your clever cockapoo:
There are lots of “mind” games and equipment you can buy in the shops for exercising your dogs brain. But there is loads of fun you can rig up at home simply too.

Here is a simple game that uses things you possibly have at home already to exercise your pups clever mind. 

Get a muffin tin or cupcake tin and place a treat in the bottom of each “dish” area.
Place a tennis ball on top of each treat.
Lay the whole thing down on the ground and watch the dog use its nose to realise there is a treat underneath the ball and work out how to get to it.

Some cockapoos can be absolutely ball bonkers.

So if you own a ball obsessed pup you might find that the game is slightly different as they might be more excited by six tennis balls than they are about the treats!

Either way they will exercise their intelligence to either grab each tennis ball from the container or to sniff and remove the ball with their nose rolling it away to get the treat.

Mark Faithfull