Tug e nuff toys!


Whoop! We just secured this pawesome deal just for you... Tug-E-Nuff Dog Gear toys are fantastic to improve the bond with our dogs and boost motivation in training to take things to the next level.
Tug-E-Nuff make a huge range of toys to suit any dog right here in the UK, whether they like to chase, barmy about food or just need some encouragement to play. As one of my followers, you get free delivery right to your door using code FAITHTUG - Click here to browse the range - http://bit.ly/2Vb0Fja

My breeding bitch Grace is not one to play with toys much… so I got her involved in opening my first delivery of tug-e-nuff toys the other day… take a look at our unwrapping here: 

Grace is loving play with the sheepskin chaser tug! and I have found that Jolyne, her daughter, loves to play a game of toy switch with all the variety of tuggers!! (Toy switch helps the dog learn how to let go of one thing and switch to another quickly and in a rewarding way… it establishes concepts in the dog’s brain to help them in retrieve and in disengaging when they need to)

So use the link and code above and enjoy a whole load of fun with your dogs.

Lydia Faithfull